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When will I get the pre-order I placed?

If you pre-ordered before 31st October please read on here: We are very sorry for the long wait some of you have had. Every time scale we had been given during the year was told to you in good faith. Sadly in the Far East factories have been constantly shutting with COVID outbreaks for weeks at a time. On top of that various countries governments have been restricting factory output. It's been a challenging year to say the least. We completely understand your frustration and can only thank you for your continued patience. We will expedite shipping of pre-orders just as soon as we receive our stock. The schedule as it stands right now is:

Tropo 14.5" - NOW IN STOCK

Tropo 15.5" - NOW IN STOCK

Tropo 16.5" - NOW IN STOCK

Tropo Long Sleeve 16.5" - NOW IN STOCK

Tropo 17" - NOW IN STOCK

Tropo 17.5" - NOW IN STOCK

Fitted Cirrus and Tapered Cirrus missing sizes - We are waiting on shipping confirmation from A Cut Above but we are are hopeful it's any day now (as of 15/12/21) 

The following shirts will be in a second shipment in late December: AS OF 15/12/21 WE ARE AWAITING SHIPPING CONFIRMATION FROM THE FACTORY.

Tropo 15" - End of Dec

Tropo 16" - End of Dec

Tropo Long Sleeve 15.5" - End of Dec

Tropo Long Sleeve 16" - End of Dec

Tropo Long Sleeve 17" - End of Dec

Tropo 18" - End of Dec

All Ladies Tropo sizes - End of Dec 

Once again thank you so much for you patience. We are trying our best to get the shirts to us and then to you asap.