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What's the difference between the fits of the shirts?

We have 3 fits to choose from: Fitted, Tapered and Relaxed.

Our slimmest fit pilot shirt is the Fitted shirt, the middle fit is the Tapered shirt and the most generous is the Relaxed shirt.

Our Fitted is more fitted than any company issue shirt you’ll have had in the past. The slimmest shirt in the range. 

The Tapered is tapered down to the waist so to avoid extra fabric in the wrong places and cut to give you a modern and professional image. It gives you room to move comfortably without being restrictive. 

The Relaxed is our fullest cut. Ideal for those that like extra room in the waist and chest. 

Please look at our size chart to get a feel for which size suits you. Our size chart is based on customer feedback and is based on what we feel would provide a comfortable fit. Obviously how you like the shirt to fit you is an important factor as well. The shirts go up in body size every whole collar size, so a 15” & 15.5” would have the same body measurement just a different collar. We are always happy to exchange if you get the wrong size.