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Relaxed Fit


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Relaxed is our fullest cut. Good for those that like extra room in the waist and chest. This is the pilot shirt for those who don't like to feel restricted in any way when at work. We only stock high quality products and this pilot shirt is exactly that. With a nice thickness that sets this pilot shirt apart from cheaper end company issue shirts you will notice the difference as will your colleagues!

This is the same fabric as the Fitted Cirrus and Tapered Cirrus. 

This pilot shirt has the dimensions for a traditional relaxed style similar to the traditional fit found at your local department store or men's shop. Compliments any pilot uniform. 65%polyester 35% cotton.

•    Deep yoke with two pleats for increased range of motion

•    Fused wing backing (can be removed)

•    Internal Velcro closure on left pocket for nametags or heavy items

•    Specially stitched pocket detail accommodates badge clips

•    Modern split collar 

The very best in comfort with the Cool and Dry Collar.

The Cool and Dry Collar system involves a thin, hidden strip of foam between the collar bands. (See picture left)

•    Moves the abrasive stitch seams off the neck.

•    Adds a soft cushioned layer that eases at pressure points.

Improves ventilation and reduces moisture retained on the neck









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